MEDIA RELEASE / September 3, 2014:  Today we fight back!

MEDIA RELEASE / August 8, 2014:  PMRA continues to register bee-killing pesticides

MEDIA RELEASE / June 24, 2014:
Pesticides greater threat than previously admitted

MEDIA RELEASE / June 19, 2014:
Conflict of Interest Investigation Required

CBC NEWS / May 20, 2014:
Bee researchers raise warning flags

ACTION ALERT / April 27, 2014:
The Bees Want You -- Enlist Today!

MEDIA RELEASE / March 26, 2014:
10 years is too long to wait for action on bee deaths

More News & Campaign Updates...

MEDIA RELEASE / February 5, 2014:  Urge Senate to speak out against bee-killing pesticides

MEDIA RELEASE / January 28, 2014:  Senate must heed evidence on bee killing pesticides

TORONTO STAR / December 20, 2013:  Neonicotinoid pesticides blamed for bee deaths could affect humans, EU says

SIERRA BLOG / December 15, 2013:  Good news! You created a lot of buzz...

ACTION ALERT / December 8, 2013:  Canada’s pesticide regulators want to know your thoughts about saving bees

MEDIA RELEASE / November 28, 2013:  New study should convince government to ban bee killing pesticide

MEDIA RELEASE / November 15, 2013:  Is CropLife buying influence?

MEDIA ADVISORY / October 8, 2013: Premier urged to keep promise to protect bees

METRO NEWS / September 29, 2013: Bee deaths linked to insecticides, Health Canada data show for second year

ACTION ALERT / September 27, 2013: Urgent update on our #SaveTheBees campaign

MEDIA RELEASE / September 16, 2013: Gov't agency admits pesticides behind bee deaths, but still refuses to act

BACKGROUNDER / July 29, 2013: 20 scientific studies concluding neonicotinoid pesticides kill bees

MEDIA RELEASE / July 29, 2013: No more stalling - save the bees!

SIERRA BLOG: Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees!

LETTER / July 23, 2013: Letter to Federal Health Minister Re: Registration Decision RD2013-14

MEDIAL RELEASE / July 17, 2013: Canadians support a ban on bee-killing pesticides

POLL / July 16, 2013: Public Attitudes re: Bee Health and Neonicotinoid Pesticide Ban

MEDIA RELEASE / July 9, 2013: Bold step for the bees

MEDIA RELEASE / May 2, 2013: Canada should ban bee killing pesticides now





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