Obama Challenges the World on Climate Change

MEDIA RELEASE, June 25, 2013

OTTAWA – This afternoon, President Obama gave what may turn out to be one of the most important speeches in American history - certainly the most important on the topic of climate change and the environment.

“President Obama denied the ‘deniers’ and inspired Americans and people around the world to address the most urgent crisis of our day: climate change,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

“The reference to the Keystone XL pipeline doesn’t bode well for pipeline proponents,” said Mr. Bennett. “Stating approval could ONLY happen IF it didn’t lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions is clearly a death sentence for Keystone - it’s an impossible task.”

“The Tar Sands are made up of some of the most polluting fuel sources in the entire world. Its oil production creates more greenhouse gas emissions, more air pollution and more toxic waste than almost any other source on earth. It needs to stay in the ground,” said Mr. Bennett.


John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada
412-1 Nicholas Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7
John on Twitter / Bennett Blog


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