SYC Executive Committee

Dustin Carey, Chair

Dustin Carey is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo’s Masters of Climate Change program. During his graduate degree, Dustin focused on the science/policy nexus of climate change governance, exploring topics such as risk governance, electric grid vulnerability, international maritime law, sustainability entrepreneurship and global environmental governance. He was a founding member of the University of Waterloo’s Climate Students organization, serving as its first Operations Director, as well as a Fellow with MIT’s Climate CoLab. Dustin has worked in three levels of government, including regional and federal, and is now working as the City of Windsor's Environmental and Sustainability Coordinator. In this role, he is responsible for policy development, facilitating the creation of the City's Corporate and Community Climate Change Mitigation Plan and Community Energy Plan, inter-department collaboration, public outreach/education and media engagement. Dustin sits on the University of Windsor's Sustainability Advisory Committee, the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority’s Environmental Focus Group, the Essex Region’s Children’s Water Festival Steering Committee and is part of the Governing and Accelerating Transformative Entrepreneurship (GATE) research group. Dustin is also an avid camper and hiker.

Truzaar Dordi

Vicky Fenwick-Sehl

I first became aware of environmental and climate change issues when I began as a camper at 8 years old at Camp Wenonah. Camp made me conscious of the stark contrast between urban and wilderness areas, particularly in the air quality. The enjoyment I felt in this environment encouraged me to remain at Camp Wenonah for another 8 years as a camper, and 6 years as a staff member, hoping to impart the same positive experiences on a younger generation of campers. While I am no longer a camp staff member, I return to Wenonah every year to help with programs such as Algonquin Park Canoe trips, school groups, and bereavement camps. I am a recent graduate of the second cohort of the Master's of Climate Change (MCC) program at the University of Waterloo. During my time at UW, I completed a Major Research Paper looking in to the various factors that influence individual decision-making surrounding climate change. This included why individuals deny climate change, or why individuals choose not to act on the scientific evidence and how to influence different groups of people to take climate action.

While completing my MCC, I was hired as a Research Assistant for Dr. Sarah Burch, who was one of my professors. Since that time, I have been assisting Dr. Burch in her position as the North American Research Coordinator, operating a Twitter account, writing a monthly newsletter, connecting with other global research coordinators, applying for grants, and planning a major conference. Prior to my time at Waterloo, I completed an undergraduate degree at Queen's University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Environmental Studies. During my final year, I was a member of the Queen's Backing Action on Climate Change group. As a group member, I was involved with two activist campaigns: STOP! the Mega-Quarry, and No Line-9. We employed a variety of strategies to get the student body involved in climate change action, as well as working with community groups such as Environmental Defence to create a more amplified and passionate voice for these environmental issues. 

Noah Jantz

Bianca Salive 

Bianca Salive is a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Environment and Business program. During her time at the University, she participated in a variety of different programs and extracurricular activities. Most recently, she had the opportunity to attend the UNFCCC’s COP21 in Paris as an accredited student delegate. Bianca notes this as her proudest accomplishment to date.

While she has always been interested in international business, her passion lies in environmental advocacy. She has volunteered with several different organizations over the past few years, in a variety of roles. She began university by serving as the Communications Director of the largest student service on campus, the Sustainable Campus Initiative. She eventually went on to serve as the Managing Director, where was responsible for student-led projects with budgets as large as $20,000. She also served as a People Relations Specialist for Sustainable Waterloo Region, a non-profit that assists organizations in reducing their carbon emissions.

Additional experience lies in serving as an ambassador for various organizations. Having completed an international exchange herself, she served as an ambassador for Waterloo International, assisting other students in their academic exchange process. In addition to this, she also served as an ambassador for the Faculty of Environment, where she educated prospective students on the services and opportunities the faculty has to offer. Most recently, she was employed as the Manulife Financial University of Waterloo student representative, where she helped to recruit prospective students for the organization.

Bianca is a very dedicated and enthusiastic advocator, with an innate passion for connecting people with the natural environment surrounding them. This passion is evident in the professional endeavours she has chosen to pursue, as well as the organizations she chooses to volunteer her time with. Outside of her professional and academic life, Bianca enjoys hiking, kayaking, travelling, and spending time with her dog Stitch. She is also an avid foodie, who loves experimenting with new and local ingredients. She is currently studying for the LSAT, and hopes to attend law school in 2017. Bianca is looking to pursue a degree in international law, specializing in human rights law. Upon graduation, she hopes to defend the rights of those being displaced by the effects of climate change.

Dominique Souris

Dominique Souris is an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo; she will be completing her Bachelor of Environmental Studies in April 2016. Through her Honours Thesis Project, Dominique is exploring the potential challenges ahead regarding the role of finance in UNFCCC negotiations on loss and damage.  Dominique attended COP21 as an accredited member of the Seychelles negotiating team. While there, she also supported the University of Waterloo Climate Students and the Youth Arctic Coalition. As a recognized IMPACT! National Leader and one of Canada’s Top 30 under 30 Sustainability Leaders, Dominique has led and participated in workshops and conferences across the globe to advance the role of youth in environmental decision-making. She is an avid on-campus organizer, having volunteered over 1000 hours on local environmental advocacy efforts during her time at the University of Waterloo. Through internships and co-op terms, Dominique has worked on climate change, youth policy and energy policy issues at Environment Canada, Ontario Energy Board, United Nations Environment Program, Indigenous and Northern Affairs, and CLEAResult Consulting. 

Claire Tian 

Claire Tian graduated from the University of Waterloo in January 2016 with a M.A.E.S in Local Economic Development, and she has a bachelor’s degree in Environment and Business. Through the Local Economic Development internship program, she worked as a social entrepreneurship researcher for Independent Living Canada, a national not-for-profit organization providing support for people with disabilities. Recently, she has a new role as an Employment Consultant, working toward building the economic structure of the community and offsetting labor market challenges in White River, Ontario. Claire always has passions for international sustainability issues and solutions to unsustainability problems especially social ones. During her second year of master’s study, Claire decided to write her thesis about exploring the effectiveness of communication channels in disseminating information about sustainable community plans by using sustainability research as a domain. In her spare time, she loves travelling, playing video games, walking her Husky puppy, and baking tasteful pastries.

Christina Wagner 

Christina is currently studying Nursing at McGill University. A Montreal native, Christina has always had a strong interest in the environment. She was an active member of her high school’s Earth Club, chairing it in her final year and organising events such as a clothing swap and extending the school’s recycling program. While in CEGEP, she completed her school’s Environmental Certificate, which focused on promoting environmentally friendly habits and environmental awareness around the school. Christina has also served previously as the Youth Representative on the Sierra Youth Coalition Executive Committee for two years. In her spare time, Christina can be found teaching swimming lessons at a local pool, reading a fantasy book or practicing her clarinet and ukulele. She also enjoys traveling around Canada with her family and seeing the many amazing national parks that the country has to offer.

Vanessa Witt

Vanessa Witt is currently studying Urban Planning at the University of Waterloo to receive her Bachelor of Environmental Studies. She loves learning about preserving natural amenities through environmental design and how to build sustainable communities. She joined Sierra Youth Coalition's Executive Committee to have a more active voice regarding environmental initiatives and is looking forward to the upcoming year with its many opportunities!