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Black Block Violence Distracts from Message, Police Brutality Overshadows Peaceful Protests

This week I saw many things that I never expected to see with my own eyes, things I thought only happened in other parts of the world. I saw anarchists smash windows and jump on the roof of a burning police car and graffiti "Bomb the Banks", acts that detract attention from the thousands of peaceful protesters with legitimate concerns about climate change financing, labour rights, women's rights, poverty and other issues. But I also saw (with my own eyes and in numerous videos) police viciously beat and arrest peaceful demonstrators, journalists and innocent bystanders.... Read more »

G20 Update

Yesterday was one of the craziest days of my life, I never thought I would ever witness firsthand anything like the violence perpetrated by both police and anarchists.  I am actually speechless about everything that has happened in the last 24 hours. I’ve lost count of the number of abuses to civil liberties and uncalled for cases of police brutality that I have witnessed or read about.

I have posted some photos in my gallery (slide show below) and some videos (below) but I’ll wait to share my thoughts on the whole weekend once I’ve had time to digest the inspiring acts I have seen as well as the terrible ones.

Toronto will not soon forget the weekend the G20 came to town. 



 ... Read more »

Naomi Klein Leads March From Massey Hall, Speaks to Crowd at G20 Tent City

Naomi Klein spoke at the Shout Out for Climate Justice hosted by the council of Canadians on June 25th. Afterwards she invited the audience to join her in marching to the tent city erected that day in Allan Garden to protest poverty in Toronto.



The Audience of Massey Hall arriving at Allan Garden around 11pm

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G20 - Toronto Police Given New Powers Near Security Fence

I have just learned that the Toronto Police have been given new temporary powers to prevent protesters from approaching the 1984-esque security fence around downtown Toronto. Police have been granted the power to:... Read more »

The Toxic Tour of Toronto

Yesterday I participated in the Toxic Tour of Toronto, a march in the name of climate justice with a strong focus on Canadian mining abuses in developing countries. The march was fun and colourful with more floats than I’ve ever seen outside of a Santa Claus parade. The tour stopped along the way at key locations: an RBC branch, the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame and the court house to listen to speakers from communities affected by extractive industries, including the Alberta Tar Sands. These speakers - from Guatemala, Kenya, Alberta & BC - spoke passionately about the violence being done to their communities: violence to protesters and to the land.... Read more »


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