By John Bennett

I'm often asked to explain why people should support Sierra Club Canada? “Because we provide one of the best, most up-to-date sources of information on issues impacting the Canadian environment,” I often reply.

For example, late last night I received a high-priority email from our in-house climate expert Paul Beckwith (Paul is a climatologist, physicist and part-time professor with the University of Ottawa). In his email Paul wrote: “John, it’s urgent you see the new NASA satellite visualization of the cracking sea ice between February 17th and March 18th…this has never happened before! Normally the ice just melts at the outer edges but in this case almost the entire ice sheet is on the move and breaking up (which is indicative of the extreme thinness, and slushiness, and weakness of the ice). March is always the time of year when the ice should be strongest ... this is REALLY bad news!

CLICK HERE to see what Paul was talking about. It's a visualization made from high-resolution imagery from NASA's Suomi NPP Satellite showing the Arctic icecap breakup in the Beaufort Sea.

The NASA visualization tells a disturbing story - and you haven't heard much about it in the newspaper or on TV. The Arctic icecap began to break up more than a month ago (51 days earlier than last year).

Sierra Club Canada's website was the first to make this information accessible to the public when we posted Paul's blog on March 8th (“Bad news: Arctic icecap cracking up"). You may remember that last year, when the world witnessed the greatest ever loss of Arctic sea ice (the "Big Melt”), we were the first to report that too.

We have desperately tried to interest the Canadian media in the breaking Arctic meltdown story, but with limited success. One of the reasons we recruited Paul last summer was to help the media understand what was happening in the hope they would cover the unfolding disaster. We won’t give up! You have my word on that.

The Winter the Polar Vortex Collapsed

There needs to be a vigilant organization prepared to give voice to critical issues (even when the media doesn't want to listen). We are doing our best to be that organization but we need financial support from people like you if we are to continue our important work.

Please look at the incredible NASA visualization, read Paul's blog and make a donation today.

Earth Day #43 is just a month away and we need you more than ever before!

Yours sincerely,

John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada
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P.S. -- Every donation is precious so please donate today. You’ve seen the recent attacks on our environment. We need you more than ever before – it’s crunch time and future generations are depending on us!



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