Irony of the Week

Read a national post on the flight this morning. Seems the latest non-issue in the Ontario election is a carbon tax. Conservatives are saying the Liberals will impose one.

Back in the in 2008 Prime Minister Harper said the Dion Green Shift, which proposed a carbon tax, would somehow "screw everybody".

If carbon taxes screw everybody why haven't the tax-cutting Conservative cut the $1.5 billion carbon tax Canadians are paying to the oil companies? Yes, that's right. Canadians are paying federal taxes so the government can hand the money over to those poor struggling oil companies.

Talisman, you may remember, used some of our carbon tax money to fund Canada's climate deniers - the "Friends of Science" (talk about Orwellian).

Interestingly the Friends flatly denied taking oil money in conversation with me.

The irony of the week? Environment Canada is slashing our ozone monitoring program in order to find money to pay for - wait for it - monitoring pollution generated by the Tar Sands.

Well off to the next thing.

John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada


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