Harper has grandiose plots, to become an energy giant. He wants to bask in that power and glory. Harper will pollute the entire planet, with the dirty tar sands oil, to achieve his glory. You damned right, Harper is evil, dirty, and vindictive, anyone opposing him loses their jobs. Scientists are not permitted to publish their results, they must go through Harper first. A dictatorship, indeed. Or, what about Harper sending his henchmen, to Guelph University to stop the students from voting. Good grief, they even tried to steal the ballot boxes. Harper is a paranoid dictator. All dictators must keep control of absolutely everything. "Things", must be kept hidden from the citizens. Harper as a dictator must do his evil, behind the Canadian people's backs. Harper is beyond a doubt, the worst P.M. in Canadian history. Australia had a news item on, how badly democracy in Canada has been eroded. However, when people lose everything, and have nothing to lose, they lose it.