That was quite a week ...

Last week I was invited to Bruce County Council to talk about climate change and wind turbines. It's part of our green energy campaign.

Bruce County, you may know, is home to the Bruce Nuclear Power Station - Canada's only privately run nuclear reactors.

The speaker before me was a Bruce PR guy giving a "regular update". He described Bruce Power's response to the ongoing nuclear accident at Fukushima: Spending $11 million on a new public relations campaign, new website and social networking strategy.

They can afford it! The Harris government signed a secret contract with the company guaranteeing it a cool $250 million annual profit.

I wonder how much Japan is spending on its Fukushima response???

But back to my talk - it went really well. My presentation had a good overview of our report on wind turbines and health. No one questioned the safety of turbines and, interestingly, the only question pertained to municipal rights.

There were a few reporters there who followed me out. One of the stories prompted a syndicated editorial in 24 newspapers. You can read my response here.

The author, who said I was “best known” for my opposition to shipping nuclear waste to Sweden (I guess it’s a case of what have you done for me lately), wanted to know “what planet” I was on.

I think it’s the one teetering on the brink of runaway climate change that created 19 million environmental refugees last year while we complain about the price of gasoline and wind turbines. 

John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada


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