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This is the End: Final Post!


This will be my final post on the Sierra Club website. It is a reflection of what I believe I learned on this trip, and what I hope I have accomplished.

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Homecoming Leg: Vancouver to Vernon!

Thursday, July 15th, Day Fifty-Four: I woke up this day feeling good abut what I had done, and what I still had left to do. The bike was boxed up, I did it the night before after a huge victory dinner, so all that was left was to pack up the rest of my stuff. First, though, I wanted a picture in the ocean to finish my trip. When I visited the Sierra Club Atlantic office to check my email however, everyone decided it was time for a good office lunch, so we all went down to eat. It was a good meal, and it was nice to really be introduced to everyone and just relax with like-minded individuals. By the time it was over however, I had to rush home to do my packing, since the guy who was going to take me to my plane was due to arrive by about 4:00 PM. Another nice guy, we had lots to talk about on the way to the airport.... Read more »

Ottawa to Halifax - WINNAR!

That's right my fans (Mom and Auntie Kim), I have arrived safe and awesome in Halifax, thus ending my bike trip....OR DOES IT?!?! No, it does not. I actually plan to now finish up that last pesky little chunk of Canada that I did not get to do at the start due to my knee injury / late departure. So once I get into Vancouver I will ride home to Vernon! For anyone in Vernon who reads my blog, come on down to Kal beach to greet me and have fun in the sun on Tuesday, July 20th sometime between 3:00 and 6:00 PM. Without further prattling however, I present the last stages of my ride: Ottawa to Halifax.

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Thunder Bay To Ottawa, Successful and Content!

Tuesday, June 22, Day Thirty-one: I left Thunder Bay early, I was breakfasted and on the road by about 8:30. I wanted to take full advantage of the two days of rest I had gotten. As always after a rest day, however, it was slow going at the start. I remember being convinced that my brakes were rubbing, and that my load must be about 10 pounds heavier than when I had gotten into town.... By three o'clock I had made it to Nipigon, where I had a big lunch and then got back on the road. I met a really nice cyclist whose name I unfortunately cannot remember and whose picture I lost, due to circumstances that will be explained shortly. Anyway, just past Nipigon is the point where the Highway splits into the #17 and the #11. I had already decided it would be the #11 that I would take, so I headed north and looked to put as much distance as possible behind me before nightfall.... Read more »


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