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Women & Water (in light of International Women's Day)

As many of you are likely aware, March 8th is International Women's Day. (*Apologies for the late post, I'm having some serious internet problems at home!)

How does this relate to water? In a number of ways:

- Women require more water daily than men, and pregnant and nursing women require even more water (according to the World Health Organization)... Read more »

Mopping without water (at all!)

Mopping without water? Easy and effective.

This might sound crazy but it's actually really straightforward, and my kitchen floor is squeaky clean right now.

I use a microfibre mop cloth, which is great for a number of reasons. Mainly, it picks up and stores dirt naturally without spreading it all over your floor. Also, because it's a thin piece of cloth, you're mopping your floor with a damp textured cloth instead of a giant sponge in a bucket of water that will become dirty and potentially make a mess by getting too much water on the floor, you could spill it, etc.... Read more »

Wrapping up week one

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind, really. Between analyzing and responding to the Speech from the Throne and the 2010 Federal Budget, and personal activities in the evening (like open mics and dance lessons), I haven't found the time to keep up on my blogging! Sincere apologies. (But you didn't miss anything too exciting, I promise.)... Read more »

Dishes Pt. 2 : Recycling dish water (Day 3)

So doing dishes last night took quite some time (30-45 minutes), but only about 1.685 L of water or so, so that's not bad considering the amount (and the quality) of dishes I did.

Overall, I used 10.514 L of water yesterday, even with the dishes! --AND the best part is that I got to recycle 1.89 L of that into my toilet tank to offset when I flush. Recycling water? Yes. Totally. It's called soft path. I'm going to be talking about it a lot this month.

 ... Read more »

Doing dishes on a water budget.

Day 2.

So far, so good. In fact, I'm surprised at how little water I've used so far! Yesterday totalled a whopping 10.11 L for the entire day. --That being said, I did eat lunch at a restaurant and dinner at a friend's house, so I guess I 'outsourced' the water used to wash those dishes (though I did avoid bringing home styrofoam, which Ottawa isn't yet recycling).

I also drank a 355mL gingerale that I didn't factor in.

Moving forward, I think I'm going to avoid bottled or canned beverages for the rest of the month, and also avoid eating at restaurants as much as possible.... Read more »

Last night I took my last shower...

-- For the month of March, that is! 
You see, I've decided that, if I'm going to talk about water efficiency and conservation, I should walk the talk and, you know, challenge myself every once and a while. 
The average Canadian uses a whopping 329 Litres of water per day --to use a tangible comparison, this is the equivalent of 658 water bottles (though bottled water is, or course, terrible for the environment). We are, next to Americans, the worst water wasters in the world. Europeans use an average of 150 Litres per capita per day (Lpcd), and we're over double that! 
 ... Read more »

Letters to Ottawa

I recently wrote two letters (which can be found below) to Ottawa City Council over two separate, but related issues in regard to urban sprawl and a proposed road that will adversely affect the future of a local endangered population of Blanding's Turtle.

Sierra Club Canada is a grassroots organization.  We have representation throughout Canada and part of the reason for our existence is to help out local communities.  Our current efforts around the Blanding's Turtle are not unique.  As an example, in Comox Valley, British Columbia we are currently in court to prevent a gas station from being built on a watershed.... Read more »


When a turtle isn't just a turtle

Here in Ottawa, at the national office, we primarily deal with national/federal issues.  Our chapters deal with regional/provincial issues and our local groups obviously deal with local issues.

Nonetheless, sitting around the office one staff meeting day, a  local Ottawa population of Blanding's Turtle made it into the conversation.  This species of turtle is a very distinctive, fairly large turtle with a yellow belly and can live to be 75 years old.  They are also listed as a threatened species by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and as an endangered species by the 2007 Ontario Endangered Species Act.

These turtles call a pristine piece of wetland home, which is located just a short drive from Parliament Hill and is one of the few remaining large swaths of green space in Ottawa.... Read more »

Ignorance, Attachment and Aversion

Sierra Club Canada was called extremist last week by a Saskatchewan radio personality in an article published in the Regina Star Phoenix.

Why is a bald father of three who is concerned about what kind of future his daughters will have an "extremist"? Why is wasting a billion dollars of taxpayers' money not a matter of concern to a person with Mr. Gormley's political outlook? These are questions that had my head shaking this week.

For our society to progress and flourish we must eliminate: ignorance, attachment and aversion. Mr. Gormley appears to be clinging tightly to all three. His path of pointing figures and calling names is a symptom.

The well-funded disinformation campaign of the climate change deniers is playing on our ignorance of science, our attachment to our lifestyle and our aversion to change.... Read more »

Shell’s Disguised Ad Campaigns

Anyone out there been looking through the weekend Canwest papers lately? – You may have noticed this great read.

It seems Shell Canada has taken it upon itself to explain climate change. Apparently scraping up and burning every glob of tar in Alberta is part of the solution. And a lot of nice photogenic people work for Shell too!

What I don't understand is why the company is so shy about letting us readers know it is paying Canwest to print full-page ads in its papers across the country.... Read more »


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