Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Migrating geese avoid offshore wind farms, says study

Pink-footed geese appear to be avoiding new offshore wind farms when returning to the UK, a study has suggested.

By monitoring the movement of the birds over four years, researchers were able to detect changes in flight patterns around two newly erected wind farms.

The results show that this species of geese, at least, identify wind farms as a threat and alter their flight to avoid turbine blades, the authors said.



Atlantic Canada Must Unite on Energy, Show National Leadership

July 27, 2012

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How about an energy policy for the average Canadian?

Ahead of their meeting in Halifax, the country's Premiers are being urged to come up with an energy plan for Canadians and not just an energy strategy for Canada.

John Bennett with the environmental group The Sierra Club of Canada says before we worry about expanding our energy export business, we need to address our  domestic energy use.

"Doesn't charity start at home?" muses Bennett. "Shouldn't it be everyone's first priority to make sure that we meet our own needs and we do it in a way which is sustainable and acceptable?  And then we talk about, well if we have excess then let's ship the excess somewhere else. They're not talking about how Canadians can meet their energy needs, and how we can do it sustainably and environmentally favourably."

Bennett adds a national energy strategy should also include the element of energy usage and efficiency.
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Canadian Energy Strategy Must Work for Atlantic Canada says Energy Coalition


HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (July 24, 2012) - The Atlantic Canada Sustainable Energy Coalition (ACSEC) welcomes this week’s discussions of a Canadian Energy Strategy among Premiers as they gather in Halifax for the annual Council

of the Federation meeting – but stresses any national strategy must respect the Atlantic Provinces’ energy goals, not just Alberta’s.


“Alberta arrived at last year’s meeting of National Energy Ministers in Kananaskis with a very clear set of priorities for a Canadian Energy Strategy,” explained ACSEC’s Regional Coordinator Catherine Abreu. “The Atlantic Provinces must come to this week’s meeting prepared to push for a balanced plan that supports their transition to a low-carbon economy, reflects their leadership, and works to improve Atlantic Canadians’ energy security.”

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Burning Our Rivers - The Water Footprint of Electricity

River Network, a US-based organization dedicated to protecting and restoring rivers have released a report on the water footprint of electricity, explaining how power plants of all types (nuclear, coal and natural gas) draw from our vital water resources to produce electricity. The report investigates how power production puts tremendous stress on our watersheds, including the Great Lakes. The demand for “burning” freshwater sources from electricity production also leads to a range of pollution and water scarcity concerns, which could be assuaged by introducing more water-efficient ways of generating power. Although the findings of this report are situated within a US context, the “burning” of water sources is a global occurrence, and the content presented is valuable for grasping an understanding of this phenomena nonetheless.... Read more »


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