Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture

Government agency admits pesticides behind bee deaths, but still refuses to take action

Media Release, September 16, 2013


OTTAWA - The decision by the Pest Management Regulation Agency (PMRA) to let another year go by without acting on bee killing pesticides -- even after admitting its actions to date have been inadequate -- is unacceptable, says Sierra Club Canada.

The PMRA posted a notice on its website September 12th admitted: "current agricultural practices related to the use of neonicotinoid treated corn and soybean seed are affecting the environment due to their impacts on bees and other pollinators."... Read more »

Intensive Livestock Operations

Since 2000 our Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture program has been expanded to include Intensive Livestock Operations.  Intensive Livestock Operations (ILO) are creeping up across the country at an increased rate. ... Read more »

Mussel / Shrimp / Salmon Aquaculture

Farmed fish and seafood has increasingly become a political, environmental and social justice issue and yet consumption of these commodities continues to grow inCanada.  Shrimp, now affordable and widely available is still sometimes regarded as a food of the affluent.  Much of the ‘cheap’ shrimp sold today is produced on shrimp farms.  ... Read more »

Food Irradiation


The proposed expansions are all in the name of food safety, however, they have the opposite effect by decreasing the standards in which livestock are raised, depleting the vitamin content of the food, and removing the bacteria that have for centuries, alerted individuals that the meat had expired.... Read more »

Food Miles

Over the last few decades, Canadians’ weekly shopping has changed. We have been increasingly placing items in our carts and baskets that have originated from distant places that we may have never visited ourselves.

The transportation of food from farm to fork (and often several distribution depots in between) is responsible for the release of tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. Also, as the distance food travels increases, so does the role of chemicals and processing to reduce spoilage before the food reaches the marketplace.... Read more »


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