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Breaking News in Copenhagen: Secret Cap-and-Trade Proposal Confirms That Canada Has No Intention of Meeting its 2020 GHG Targets

Sierra Club has just learned (via Climate Action Network Canada) that the Harper government has plans to futher weaken its climate change targets and policies. The fact that this government wants to weaken one of the weakest targets in the world is shocking. Please spread this story far and wide, and call you're MP or PM Harper himself at 1-866-599-4999 (ask to leave a message for the PM or for Environment Minister Jim Prentice). A rapid response to this news at home will show the Harper government that Canadians are watching the actions of his negotiationg team.

Read the CBC article here

Watch the CBC National here

Read the response from Climate Action Network Canda below:... Read more »

Yes Men Play Prank On Canadian Delegation, Canada Wins another Fossil, NGO Participation Restricted

Today has been a bit intense. The YES Men played a huge prank on the Canadian delegation, government and people, Canada won the 3rd place Fossil of the Day award along with Saudi Arabia. It has also been confirmed that only 30% of NGO delegates will be allowed to enter the Bella Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday, only 1,000 will be able to enter on Thursday and 90 will be able to enter on Friday.  

100,000 person climate change march

Today I participated in a march for climate change of 100,000 people. I started downtown from Parliament square and went all the way to the Bella centre, a distance of many, many kilometers. Toronto Mayor David Miller marched with Canadian youth and we were able to chat with him and get some great photos. There are no negotiations tomorrow and we have just learned that the UNFCCC secretariat will be limiting NGO presence at COP by as much as 70%, which will mean that only a few Sierra Club team members will be able to get into the Bella Centre. Things are about to get much more tense both inside COP as heads of state and high level politicians arrive, and outside the centre as protests heat up. I also learned that Environment Minister Jim Prentice has arrived. On Monday I’ll be meeting with the Nova Scotia government and other Nova Scotian delegates to discuss the role my province can play in the negotiations.... Read more »

Canada Wins 1st & 2nd Place Fossil of the Day award - Toronto Mayor accepts award

The two main negotiating groups have been suspended since Wednesday and Thursday so there isn’t much to report from the negotiations themselves. People here are still debating the merit of the Tuvalu proposal calling for a transparent discussion about the legal outcomes of COP, as well as the splitting of the G77 into a group that consists of India, China, Brazil, South Africa and other emerging economies and another group that consists of small island nations and least developed countries.... Read more »

Thanks for the email Kevin

I received an email the other day from a gentleman (whose first name was Kevin) in response to a media interview I had just done.  Let me start by thanking Kevin for his email.  However, I must disagree with much of what he said.

Kevin writes:


Bill C-311 Sent Back to the House!

The Liberals told me they had two reasons for not supporting Bill C-311.  Both, in the words of a former Sierra climate campaigner, are "dodo."

First, there is a section in the bill that refers to Canada's National Inventory of Greenhouse Gases.  The Liberals say this would prevent international emissions trading, which they say they can't support it.

Second, the bill gives the federal government the authority to impose emission reduction plans on the provinces. This, they say, could trigger a constitutional crisis.

I responded by questioning their interpretation of the inventory reference and asked why - if this is a problem - didn't they work with the NDP and the Bloc to ammend it?

... Read more »

Tuvalu is the Hero of the Day, Canada the Villain

Day 3 has certainly been an interesting one: Tuvalu (a small island nation) walked out of negotiations which were temporarily suspended but were awarded the first ever Ray of the Day award, Canada won its second Fossil of the Day in a surprise-twist award ceremony. NGO’s react to the leaked Danish text.... Read more »

Welcome to the UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen


My name is Emily Rideout and I’m here in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark for the UN Climate Change negotiations (we call it COP (Conference of Parties) for short). I, along with the rest of the Sierra Club team will be reporting daily on the progress of the negotiations and Canada’s position within the climate talks, as well as bringing you videos and photos of the action on the ground. Our goal is to help Canadians understand what is happening here in Copenhagen so that they will have the information necessary to let our elected officials, be it federal, provincial or municipal, know that Canadians want Canada to be a leader in the negotiations. We need YOUR help to make these negotiations a success. Check back daily for the latest information or follow us on Twitter at or on facebook at Read more »

Welcome to My Blog

This is week five for me at the helm of the good ship Sierra, navigating through the rough waters of the Copenhagen Climate Conference -- perhaps the most important international negotiation of all time. The survival of millions of people could rest on the outcome of the one meeting. It’s not a single event, however – it’s the product of 20 years of negotiation and science. And it just got a big boost: the US Environmental Protection agency just made CO2 a pollutant in the United States, meaning President Obama can put limits on emissions without any new laws from the Congress where the climate bill is bogged down in partisan wrangling.... Read more »

Day Two in Barcelona, Another Fossil Award for Canada

On the second day of international climate talks in Barcelona, Spain, Canada has picked up yet another Fossil of the Day Award. The notorious award goes to the country doing the most to obstruct progress at UN climate negotiations.... Read more »


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