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Pedal for the Planet in Kingston

Pedal for the Planet rolled into Kingston on September 10th. The team in Kingston included riders who cycled all the way from Whitehorse and Victoria, and people from London, Toronto and Ottawa.... Read more »

Pedalling to Parliament, Tuesday, September 15

In only two weeks, Pedal for the Planet hits Ottawa. People have been cycling across Canada from coast to coast in a cross-country climate relay.

They crossed British Columbia, Atlantic Canada and the Prairies, and they are now in Ontario and Québec.... Read more »

Canada Turns Its Back on Green Power

A new international organization has been created to speed the adoption of renewable energy. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) now has 136 signatory countries around the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.... Read more »

Cyclists Pedalling to Ottawa, To Help Stop Canada's Backpedalling on Climate Change

Teams of cyclists are leaving the Atlantic and Pacific coasts today, joining Pedal for the Planet, a unique cross-country relay to demand strong action on climate change. Riders will converge on Ottawa in mid-September, bringing the hopes and wishes of Canadians from coast to coast.... Read more »

Update on the Copenhagen Climate Bill

Representatives from Sierra Club Canada and the Sierra Youth Coalition have attended meetings of the House Environment Committee, to show our support for Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act.... Read more »

Urgent Action Pass the Climate Bill Now

Help ensure that Canada takes action on climate change. This week, we’re asking everyone to contact members of the House Environment and Sustainable Development committee.... Read more »

Parliament Acts on Climate Change/Progrès Parlementaire sur les changements climatiques

On April 1, Members of Parliament came together to support Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act. The bill passed second reading, with 141 votes in favour and 128 against.... Read more »

Progrès Parlementaire sur les changements climatiques

Le 1er avril, les membres du Parlement ont adopté le Projet de loi C-311 autrement dit la Loi sur la responsabilité en matière de changements climatiques en deuxième lectures. Ce fut avec 141 votes pour contre 128. Sierra Club Canada félicite les députés du parti Libéral, du NPD et du Bloc Québécois qui votèrent pour ce projet de loi.... Read more »

Urge Parliament to Act on Climate Change / Faites pression sur le Parlement pour qu’il agisse dans le dossier des climatiques

Climate change represents one of the greatest challenges of our time. Will our government act to stop global warming?... Read more »

Faites pression sur le Parlement pour qu’il agisse dans le dossier des climatiques

Les changements climatiques représentent un des plus grands défis de notre époque. Est-ce que le gouvernement aura le courage d’agir pour arrêter le réchauffement planétaire?... Read more »


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