Federal Stimulus Claims Ottawa Victims

OTTAWA---The endangered Blanding’s turtle is to be sacrificed on the alter of political indifference just to grab some easy money. The Terry Fox Extension project which was not planned for at least another ten years is going ahead now because the relaxation of federal environmental regulations and the callousness of the City of Ottawa and Infrastructure Minister John Baird.

The City of Ottawa is fast-tracking construction of Terry Fox Drive in order to pave over the evidence of a pristine habitat and endangered species. The City began pressing ahead with construction this week while permits from the province have yet to be issued.

"Claiming a fence in the snow will protect endangered species is just silly," said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

Sierra Club is continuing to gather support from across Canada to oppose the issuing of provincial permits by the Ontario government.

"There is no need for this road other than to satisfy the greed of speculators and developers," said Bennett.

The endangered Blanding’s turtle and several other plant and animal species are at risk because of the city’s plan to build a suburb in one of the last pristine wetlands in Ottawa.


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