Sierra Club Canada congratulates South March Highlands – Carp River Conservation Inc. on taking the City of Ottawa to court

OTTAWA – Sierra Club Canada congratulates South March Highlands – Carp River Conservation Inc (SMHCRC) on its well-prepared legal action to stop the Terry Fox Drive Extension, and has offered to support the group through continued grassroots lobbying efforts.

This morning, a legal action was launched against the City of Ottawa by SMHCRC. The action is aimed at halting the construction of a $48 million, 4 km road through one of Ottawa’s most important environmental areas: the South March Highlands.

“This is old time basic environmental action. A small group of citizens identified an environmental injustice, got organized and is confronting an environmentally indifferent mayor and city council,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada. “I’m proud to be associated with them.”

The SMHCRC legal initiative argues that the City of Ottawa is not in compliance with its obligations under the provincial Environmental Assessment Act with respect to the construction of Terry Fox Drive Extension. In their review of the project, the City of Ottawa must use an updated environmental assessment that fully takes into account the project’s impacts on endangered and threatened species as well as provincially significant wetlands. Sierra Club Canada has long argued the Terry Fox expansion poses a threat to the Blanding’s turtle as well as a number of other listed species. It also maintains the Terry Fox expansion was rushed through with little environmental oversight in order to secure federal stimulus money.

“People in Ottawa have caught one environmental mistake made in the rush to spend stimulus money. There are likely many more. This is why Sierra Club Canada has opposed the reckless changes to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act made in the last two federal budgets,” said Mr. Bennett.


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