Stop the Terry Fox road construction and start planning a park!

Stop the Terry Fox road construction and start planning a park!   City Council and the Mayor need to hear that message loudly and clearly.  Recently, Ottawa’s Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee unanimously passed a motion urging Council to put the road construction on hold and do an in-depth ecological analysis (see attached article).  The meeting was packed with concerned citizens, including Sierra Club members, who thoroughly exposed the gaping holes in the environmental assessment the City has undertaken.  It was only this week that the consultants began to plan a tracking study of the Blanding’s Turtles, to find out where and how the turtles move through the forests and wetlands, but they’ve already decided where the culverts will go that are supposed to help the turtles get to the other side of the road!

Instead of using tax dollars to put in a four-lane road, the City should be buying land and meeting with other levels of government in order to create a park in Ottawa’s most densely bio-diverse natural area, home to 654 different species.  For full details on this idea, and other background information, go to

Write to City Council and the Mayor and tell them you agree with the Forests and Greenspace Committee and you want the road stopped. Tell them you want the lands of the South March Highlands turned into a park that will link with the city’s Greenbelt.

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