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The Sierra Club of Canada Foundation has chapters in each of the major provinces/regions.

Atlantic Canada Chapter

Formed in 2000, the Atlantic Canada Chapter has over a thousand members, friends and supporters in all four Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador), and supports communities on issues such as industrial farming, sustainable forestry, sustainable mining, and contaminated lands.

The chapter is coordinated out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, with an active local group in PEI. Our campaigns include promoting clean renewable energy, environmental education programs for young people (Wild Child and Sierra Buddies), protecting the Gulf of St. Lawrence from oil and gas exploration, working for safe cleanup of fracking waste ponds and the Abercrombie Pulp Mill near Pictou Landing, preventing fracking, protecting Wilderness Reserves, as well as many other issues- see http://atlantic.sierraclub.ca/en/campaigns .

Contact Atlantic Canada Chapter:

Phone: (902) 444-3113
Fax: (902) 444-3116
e-mail: atlanticcanadachapter@sierraclub.ca
web: www.atlantic.sierraclub.ca

British Columbia Chapter

In 1969, a small grassroots group of British Columbians began a campaign to protect the spectacular forests and lakes of the Nitinat Triangle and West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. There were no Canadian environmental groups working on forest and wilderness issues at that time, so they joined forces with the US Sierra Club - "the world's first environmental activist organization." The group became the first Sierra Club affiliate in Canada, later joining the Sierra Club Canada when it was formed.

Since 1969, Sierra Club Canada, BC Chapter, has been working for the protection and stewardship of British Columbia's natural heritage. We work with our members and local groups to protect the province's last remaining wild spaces, encourage responsible use of our forest and marine resources, educate the next generation, and promote sustainable communities.

Contact British Columbia Chapter:

Address: 301-2994 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4N4

Phone: (250) 386-5255
Fax: (250) 386-4453
e-mail: info@sierraclub.bc.ca
web: www.sierraclub.ca/bc 

Ontario Chapter

Formerly, the Eastern Canada Chapter, the Ontario Chapter of Sierra Club Canada actively addresses the environmental concerns of people living in Ontario. Our members lead campaigns for clean air, water, and the protection of urban, rural and wilderness environments. Through political and community initiatives, the Ontario Chapter encourages positive change and mobilizes governments, industries and individuals to do the same.

Our Chapter has several long-standing campaigns including the Ontario Off Coal campaign; the Car Free Day / Responsible Transportation campaign; the Green Energy campaign; the Water Quality / Sludge campaign; the Challenge to Sprawl campaign; and the Forest and Wildlife campaign.

Contact Ontario Chapter:

Address: PO Box 2007 STN B Ottawa ON, K1P 5W3
Phone: 647-345-7665

e-mail: ontariochapter@sierraclub.ca

web: www.ontario.sierraclub.ca    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sierra-Club-Ontario/319841306136

Section régionale Québec – Québec Chapter

Actif depuis 1963, le Sierra Club Canada a des sections locales et des groupes dans tout le Canada. Notre section du Québec, qui ne cesse de croître, est actif dans la région de Montréal et ailleurs. Notre siège social est situé dans la région d’Ottawa/Gatineau. Le Sierra Club Canada a élaboré d’importantes campagnes nationales à l’intérieur de ses quatre principaux programmes : santé et environnement, protection de la biodiversité, atmosphère et énergie, transition vers une économie viable.

The SCC Québec Chapter is committed to the protection and restoration of the natural environment of Québec. We have active groups in the Montreal region and elsewhere. The Sierra Club has been involved on a wide variety of issues ranging from the protection of wildlife and wilderness, loss of biological diversity, climate change, sustainable energy, nuclear waste, environmental toxins, clean air and water, and genetic engineering.

Contact Québec Chapter: http://quebec.sierraclub.ca/contact-us/index.php

Tél : (514) 651-5847
Courriel / e-mail : quebec@sierraclub.ca
web : www.sierraclub.ca/quebec      https://www.facebook.com/SierraClubQuebec

Prairie Chapter

The Prairie Chapter was founded in 1995 and has since been working to accomplish our mission to develop a well-trained, knowledgeable network of community leaders who are working to protect the integrity of our Prairie ecosystems. We continue our aim to do this by engaging and activating communities on issues of critical importance that will either provide solutions to, or challenge obstacles in, ensuring sustainable and healthy communities for future generations.  We will accomplish this mission and move towards our vision of healthy communities sustained by healthy ecosystems by achieving the following overarching goals:

  • To be proactive advocates for the environment by ensuring public knowledge of and sound public policy implementation in the Sierra Club Canada’s four priority areas: Energy Solutions, Conservation and Biodiversity, Healthy Communities and Sustainable Economies.
  • To support the development of engaged and knowledgeable communities by offering training's, education, research and capacity building opportunities to volunteers, members, Sierra Club groups, citizens and community organizations.

The Prairie Chapter currently has active volunteer groups, including: The Chinook Group out of Calgary, and the Edmonton Urban Issues Committee. Each Group focuses on local issues important to their community.

Contact Prairie Chapter:

Phone: (780) 439-1160
Fax: (780) 485-9640
e-mail: prairiechapter@sierraclub.ca
web: http://www.sierraclub.ca/en/node/3625

Sierra Youth Coalition

Sierra Youth Coalition (SYC) is the youth arm of the Sierra Club Canada and has been active since 1996. SYC began as a small group with a vision towards the involvement of Canadian youth in pressing environmental issues. SYC has grown into a national youth environmental coalition with members in all regions of Canada, and local groups operating out of high schools, universities and communities.

Through grassroots action, SYC aims to address globalization, consumption, and climate change through a solutions-based approach of promoting education for sustainability, bioregionalism, and sustainable communities. SYC acts as a networking and resource centre for youth between the ages of 15-26, concerned about environmental and social justice issues.

Contact SYC:

Address: PO Box 2007 STN B Ottawa, ON K1P 5W3

Phone: (613) 241-1615
e-mail: info@syc-cjs.org
web: www.syc-cjs.org         https://www.facebook.com/SierraYouthCoalition

Local Groups

Ottawa Group, Ontario | contact national office: http://www.sierraclub.ca/en/national/contact.shtml

Niagara Group, Ontario | http://ontario.sierraclub.ca/en/niagara-group#node-6098

Peel Group, Ontario | http://ontario.sierraclub.ca/en/peel-region-group

Chinook Group (Calgary), Alberta | http://www.sierraclubchinook.org/

Edmonton Group, Alberta | archive: http://www.sierraclub.ca/en/node/2865

Red Deer, Alberta

British Columbia Groups | http://www.sierraclub.bc.ca/local-groups