Intensive Livestock Operations


Since 2000 our Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture program has been expanded to include Intensive Livestock Operations.  Intensive Livestock Operations (ILO) are creeping up across the country at an increased rate. 

Hog operations with thousands of animals cramped together have a devastating and far reaching impact, affecting the environment, the economy, and the health of citizens.  Tonnes of manure are produced in an ILO and the risk of contamination to water systems is great. Animals are given antibiotics daily, increasing the threat of antibiotic resistance. ILOs tear at the fabric of the rural economy. Family farms go under, and citizens and forced to live with odours and noxious gases that significantly decrease their quality of life.

Warning signs are evident not just from destructive effects in the US and Europe, but also within Canada, where communities in New Brunswick and especially Quebec have fought long and hard against intensive hog operations because of the often irreversible damage that has occurred.

Intensive Livestock Operations - An Introduction

Intensive Livestock Operations and Your Health

Environmental Impact of Intensive Livestock Operations

Why urban residents should care about Intensive Livestock Operations


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