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2014-03-07  |  Janet Eaton

March 5TH, 2014.  There is a lot going on in Germany right now. Yesterday we reported that a leaked document from inside the Ministry for Environment warns about the potential effects of TTIP on consumer protection and environment legislation. Now, IG Metall, a german trade union with roughly 2,4 million members (making it the largest trade union in the world), has called for an immediate halt to the ongoing negotiations on TTIP.
The IG Metall chariman, Detlef Wetzel, considers the agreement to be "dangerous", and fears how it may damage consumer protection and workers rights, as well as undermining democracy and the sovereignity of the state.
Considering the growth and jobs promised by the European Commission, Wetzel calls these projections for overly optimistic and disputes that TTIP will have any noticable benefit whatsoever. Wetzel considers the conclusions in the report from
the Bertelsmann Foundation, arguing that TTIP will give houndred of...

2014-03-07  |  Janet Eaton

Hosted by 'Friends of the Earth Europe' alongside 'Transnational Institute', 'Institute for Agriculture Trade Policy' and 'Seattle to Brussels Network'
The Press Club Brussels Start: Thursday, Mar 13 2014 1:30 PM  End: Thursday, Mar 13 2014 6:00 PM

To register, please visit

You are invited to an afternoon of open conversation on how the controversial EU-US trade deal could affect our food and environment.

Friends of the Earth Europe will be joined by the Institute for Agriculture Trade Policy,Transnational Institute and the  Seattle to Brussels Network, plus representatives of the

European Parliament and Commission, farmers, consumers and citizen groupsfrom both sides of the Atlantic, to share perspectives on the likely impacts of a deal on our food...

2014-03-07  |  Janet Eaton

Stuart Trew, Emma Lui, Published: Monday, 03/03/2014

What has become of the Canada-European Union free trade deal? The Harper government announced an “agreement in principle” with the EU in late October. And yet talks continue in a number of areas, notably on a controversial NAFTA-like investment protection chapter that is giving Europeans second thoughts.

Due to mounting public concern, the European Commission has launched a consultation with EU member states and the public on whether its Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the United States should include an investor-state dispute process. This process in the North American Free Trade Agreement and similar treaties signed by Canada, the US and EU member states has resulted in dozens of absurd corporate lawsuits against public health, environmental and conservation measures, and...

2014-03-07  |  Janet Eaton

Feb 27 (Reuters) - Canada has no plans to further ease rules for foreign investment in uranium mines after Ottawa moved to give European Union firms more leeway, a senior official said on Thursday.

As part of a Canada-European Union free trade deal that was announced in principle last year, Ottawa waived a longstanding requirement that EU buyers take on a Canadian partner in uranium mines.

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said Canada did not intend to make the same offer to non-European companies such as Australia's Rio Tinto Ltd, which has uranium deposits in northern Saskatchewan.

"There are no current plans to do that," he told reporters, saying the easing of rules for European firms was a major step.

"It will take a while for it (the European Union waiver) to be fully negotiated but we hope it can be done within a year."

Pressed again about liberalizing investment rules for non-EU firms, he replied "Well, one step...

2014-03-07  |  Janet Eaton

Feb 25th 2014, The Economist

THE trade agreement the 12 members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) hope to reach is to be “ambitious”, “comprehensive”, “high-standard” and “21st-century”. I know this, because every one of the 12 trade ministers who spoke at a press conference at the end of four days of talks in Singapore on February 25th, used at least one, and usually all four, of the terms. The talks had made great progress, they all also agreed. But “significant gaps” remain, no date or place has been chosen for their next meeting, and it was hard to avoid the conclusion that any agreement is months or years away.

Yet they had set what seemed a serious target of finalising the agreement last year. There are two main reasons the finishing line is now receding into the...


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