Bold step for the bees

MEDIA RELEASE, July 9, 2013

OTTAWA -- Sierra Club Canada welcomes the creation of a bee mortality working group by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to investigate and recommend solutions for the extremely high mortality of bees.

"This working group is the first real recognition of the impact of neonictinoid pesticides on bees," said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

Bee Keepers in Ontario and elsewhere have been experiencing extreme losses of bees. The latest incident near Elmwood, Ontario saw a bee keeper lose 37,000,000 bees (and may cost him his farm as well).

Neonictinoid pesticides have be banned by the European Union, which has been experiencing the same bee mortality problem. Recent EU studies have found the pesticide to be building up in soil and water.

The new working group is an indictment of the Canada Pest Management Agency that relies on funding from the chemical industry and has failed to act.

In April Sierra Club Canada called up health Minister Leona to take a precautionary approach and ban the use of  neonictinoids in Canada. She has yet to respond or make a public announcement.

"Premier Wynne has taken a bold step in the right direction today," said Mr. Bennett.




John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada
412-1 Nicholas Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7
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