OPG not prepared for terrorist acts

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 8, 2013

(Port Elgin) A study of Ontario Power Generation (OPG) proposal to create an underground radioactive waste dump at the site of the Bruce Nuclear Generation Station, conducted on behalf of Sierra Club Canada, concludes OPG has failed to fully anticipate and prepare for acts of sabotage.

“Transporting large quantities of radioactive waste across Southern Ontario puts tens of thousands of people at risk. Proper security planning and execution is necessary if OPG hopes to keep dangerous materials out of the wrong hands,” said John Bennett, Executive Director, and Sierra Club Canada.

The study was prepared by Dr. Gordon Thompson the executive director of the Institute for Resource and Security Studies (IRSS) is an independent, nonprofit, Massachusetts corporation, founded in 1984. Its objective is to promote sustainable use of natural resources and global human security. In pursuit of that mission, IRSS conducts technical and policy analysis, public education, and field programs. IRSS projects always reflect a concern for practical solutions to resource and security problems.

Dr. Gordon Thompson is a senior research scientist at the George Perkins Marsh Institute, Clark University, and Worcester, Massachusetts. He studied engineering at the University of New South Wales, practiced engineering in the electricity industry in Australia, and then received a doctorate in applied mathematics from Oxford University in 1973, for analyses of plasma undergoing thermonuclear fusion. Dr. Thompson has been based in the USA since 1979. His professional interests encompass a range of technical and policy issues related to sustainability and global human security. He has conducted numerous studies on environmental, security, and economic issues related to commercial and military nuclear facilities.

The study will be presented to the Joint Review Panel for the Deep Geologic Repository Project in Poet Elgin, October 9, 2013 by Mr. Bennett in person and Dr. Thompson via teleconference.

For More Information:

John Bennett - 613.291.6888

Dr. Gordon Thompson - 617.491.5177



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