Sierra Club Canada Calls for a Moratorium on Offshore Oil Drilling

OTTAWA--Sierra Club Canada is calling on the National Energy Board to declare a moratorium on all offshore oil drilling in Canada after the BP disaster off the coast of Louisiana continues to devastate the region. Oil and gas companies, including BP, are currently pushing for an Arctic rule change that would allow offshore oil drilling without drilling relief wells.

“The oil spill in the Gulf is a catastrophe,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.  “Canada should fully understand the causes of the explosion in the Gulf and the failure of the clean up before allowing any more drilling in Canadian waters. In the meantime a moratorium should be put in place.”

The NEB has given companies until noon today to tell it how this disaster impacts the hearings into an industry request that it drop a requirement known as the “same-season relief well” rule. A group of major companies had previously argued that new technology has made drilling so safe that relief wells are no longer needed.

“Proposed offshore drilling in the Beaufort Sea and potentially off the British Columbia coast will take place in pristine areas significantly more distant from the resources and equipment required to contain a spill than was the case in the Southern United States,” said Bennett in a letter addressed to the NEB sent today.  “It stands to reason that preventing the spread of an oil spill in Canadian waters will be more difficult and the difficulty increases the more remote the location.”

Sierra Club Canada also urges the government to invest more money into renewable energy technologies and to begin decreasing our dependence on oil.


Note: Letter to the National Energy Board is attached below.

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