Why aren't the networks and politicians talking about nuclear power?

OTTAWA - The nuclear crisis in Japan has spread radioactive iodine to Canada. A large area of Japan will be uninhabitable for generations. A similar event at the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant would force the evacuation of Toronto making millions homeless and crippling Canada's financial capital.

If this election is about the economy then why isn't the media asking questions about the cost of nuclear power and nuclear safety?

The nuclear industry has drawn billions in federal subsidies and half a billion more in latest federal budget. Why isn't the media asking leaders about subsidies for the nuclear industry?

Around the world countries like Germany have announced plans to reconsider nuclear power. Last week dozens of Canadian organizations called for a moratorium on nuclear power. Why didn't the media seek the reaction of the party leaders in Canada?

Why aren't we debating this critical issue?

John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada


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