Day Two in Barcelona, Another Fossil Award for Canada

On the second day of international climate talks in Barcelona, Spain, Canada has picked up yet another Fossil of the Day Award. The notorious award goes to the country doing the most to obstruct progress at UN climate negotiations.

Canada’s negotiators were awarded the first place Fossil of the Day Award for their odd views about adapting to climate change. Canada’s representatives say they “would not envisage loss and damage [due to climate change impacts] being addressed as part of the objectives on adaptation.” They fail to say where they think this should be addressed.

With climate change hitting the most vulnerable countries, there is an urgent need for wealthy industrialized countries such as Canada to help with adaptation.

The climate skeptics will insist that climate change is not happening, but you just have to look at the headlines. With rising levels of greenhouse gases, we’ll see more extreme weather events — and Canadians have a special responsibility to help people adapt to the impacts.

The recent typhoon in the Philippines is an example of an extreme weather event. On September 26, a record 341 millimetres of rain fell on Metro Manila, causing extensive flooding that left 80 per cent of the metropolis under water. Nearly half a million people were displaced. A state of emergency was declared in Metro Manila and twenty-five provinces.

The Philippines’ chief climate negotiator Heherson Alvarez said, “Ketsana is clearly a manifestation of the consequences of global inaction in addressing the immediate impacts of creeping climate change.” He urged developed countries to act with urgency “to spare the whole world from the impoverishing and devastating impacts of climate change.”

Thanks to our addiction to fossil fuels and our unchecked exploitation of the tar sands, Canada is one of the top 10 worst global warming polluters on the planet. You can send a strong message to the federal government by signing the KYOTOplus petition and a letter supporting the Copenhagen Climate Bill. Read our updates on the Copenhagen Climate Bill and call Members of Parliament. Canada must do its fair share to tackle the climate crisis — that means deep reductions in emissions now, and helping people adapt to the severe impacts of global warming.


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