Interactive Map Shows Dangers of Climate Change

The UK’s Met Office Hadley Centre has produced an interactive map showing the impacts of climate change, if the global average temperature rises 4 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average.

The map shows the consequences of not reaching an agreement at Copenhagen, and it is based on the latest peer-reviewed science. The impacts will be widespread if countries fail to reduce emissions:

- Canadian cities will be hit by heatwaves – the hottest days will be 10-12 degrees warmer in cities such as Toronto and Ottawa.

- There will be larger temperature increases at high latitudes in the north. Temperature rises of 10 degrees in the Arctic will melt permafrost, damaging infrastructure.

- Large areas of the Amazon forest could be lost because of major droughts and fires.

- Agricultural yields will decrease for all major cereal crops, and millions of people will be at risk from hunger.

- Global warming will reduce the availability of water for around a billion people.

Failing to curb emissions of greenhouse gases will have catastrophic consequences throughout the world. The map helps everyone understand that it is essential for governments to work together to reach a comprehensive agreement in Copenhagen.



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