Support Bill C-311 To Take Action on Climate Change

On Wednesday, March 4, Bill C-311 (Climate Change Accountability Act) will be debated in Parliament. The Private Member’s Bill was introduced by NDP MP Bruce Hyer on February 10. It was originally introduced by NDP Leader Jack Layton in 2006, as Bill C-377.

The purpose of the Act is to “ensure that Canada contributes fully to the stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmos­phere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.” The federal government would be committed to taking action to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, “to a level that is 25% below the 1990 level by the year 2020,” and as a long-term target, “to a level that is 80% below the 1990 level by the year 2050.”

Contact your Member of Parliament (MP) now, to voice your support for action on climate change! Ask them to support Bill C-311, to ensure that our country does its fair share to stop global warming. To search for your MP by postal code, visit Parliament’s website.

For inspiration for your letters to MP’s, read the open letter sent by Sierra Club Canada and many other groups across the country.


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