Government tells businesses to clean up BPA pollution

Postmedia News
Date published: 
Sun, 2010-10-17

OTTAWA — After recenty listing bisphenol A as a toxic substance, the federal government has announced it will introduce new regulations to penalize companies that release the chemical into the environment.

A statement from Environment Minister Jim Prentice this weekend said businesses across Canada have 60 days to come up with plans to prevent bisphenol A, a hormone-disrupting chemical linked to breast and prostate cancer, from entering the ecosystem as industrial waste.

The statement said the chemical, often shortened to BPA and found in many plastics, "is persistent, does not degrade in the environment, and can be released in sufficiently high amounts to harm fish and other organisms in the water."

"The proposed rules will require facilities to develop and implement plans to limit releases of BPA to the environment and to submit ongoing progress reports to the Government of Canada," Prentice said in the statement.

Last week, BPA was added to the country's list of toxic substances, fulfilling a two-year promise from the federal government to do so. Canada is the first country in the world to take the measure.


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