MEDIA COMMENT: Sierra Club Prairie refutes Minister Liepart's statement on feed-in-tariffs

Following Minister of Energy Ron Liepart's commentary regarding feed-in-tariffs (


Sierra Club Prairie offers the below comment from renewable energy campaigner Chelsea Flook:.

"This is another example of the short-sighted energy policies that we are seeing from this government. While Ontario has joined the 40 jurisdictions that have employed tariffs as a way to spurn rapid investment, development, and deployment in renewable energy, our energy minister prefers to keep us locked into a 20th century grid. Rather than distort the market, preferential tariffs help coordinate the renewable energy market while keeping costs low for consumers. In Germany, the average household utility bill went up €1.50 per month. Meanwhile, 230 000 good green jobs were created since 2006, and total electricity consumed from renewable sources is still increasing. The Alberta government needs to create a renewable energy task force to explore these options before writing off a clean, green energy future. It is curious that the minister suggests tariffs distort the market, when there has been no formal task force investigating whether this is the truth of the matter."

For further comment, please call Chelsea Flook at 780-722-1226


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