Mega quarry application rejected by government

The proposed mine in Melanchton is nowhere near to becoming a reality. Ministry of the Environment officials stated it is their position that the documents submitted by the quarry proponents failed to demonstrate a three dimensional understanding of the geology, hydrogeology and hydrology of the site.

Among the reasons for the position they took, MOE staff cited:

- numerous discrepancies between the text and the observations and data;

- the absence of a three dimensional conceptual model of the site, including the overburden stratigraphy, bedrock stratigraphy and connection of surface water features with the bedrock;

- geologic and hydrogeologic data not presented in three dimensions;

- statements and conclusions were made in the text that were not supported by either data or citations; and

- the recharge system proposal was supported neither by proof of concept data nor by comparisons with existing recharge systems at other quarries.

To read the story in the Wellington Advertiser click here.

To read the reply by the government click here.


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