Action Alert: Send your questions for Alberta's next premier and join online live discussion OCT 5th 11 am - 12pm!!!

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Wed, 2011-10-05 02:00

Action Alert: Send your questions for Alberta's next premier and join online live discussion!

Alison Redford, Alberta's new designated Premier elect has a, what some people are calling, progressive platform.  Just how progressive is Alison Redford? Alison Redford wants to create an authority to direct the government's efforts in the renewable energy sector. Redford's website says that this initiative will be based on the "success' of the Alberta Oil Sands Development Authority. The long and the short is, this authority would prefer large transnational and international partnerships in the deployment of renewable energy over local community control and community profit.

Redford will be online for a live discussion October 5th 11am - 12pm and accepting questions in advance.  Submit your questions here! Click the link and submit your questions!

"My objective is to hand over a healthy Alberta to future generations. This ideal guides my thinking on energy issues" says Redford's website.  However, her main objective to achieve this around the tar sands is to focus on reclamation rather then a recognizing local Indigenous communities request for a moratorium on new development in the region.   As millions of tar sands dollars transfer from the people from whose land it is plundered from to international energy companies, shareholders, and distant profit margins, so too will this policy on renewable energy mean that local people will be shut out of being able to control, design, consent, and benefit from renewable energy deployment. Once again, we will watch the government prop up and favour large energy companies over small, decentralized, community owned power.

While Redford was the only major candidate who mentioned renewable energy deployment in any kind of detail (Mar said he'd leave it up to industry), this so-called "hands off" approach leaves it up to the greenwashing interests of the very companies that are destroying global and local ecosystems to decide when and where it is convenient for them to put up a wind farm.


We need to be out there asking hard questions of our new designated Premier elect to make sure that she truly is looking out for future generations.  The province cannot handle more unabated tar sands development.  We have too much to lose.  So join Redford and the Calgary Herald for a live online discussion on Wednesday, Oct. 5 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Click the link and submit your questions!

Remember that our Premier is there to be the voice of the people.  So we the people need to stand up and question our leaders and guide them down the path we all want to see.  Let's tell Redford about the Alberta we want to see.  Fair, just, and equitable for our generation and the generations to come.


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