Canadian citizens, sign this petition requesting public hearings on Asian Carp

Sierra Club Canada is an active member of Great Lakes United working with them on the Asian carp issue... Please read and sign on

Last week the Great Lakes United coalition passed a resolution in support of Canadian input into U.S. hydroseparation studies, to aide efforts preventing an Asian carp invasion into the Great Lakes.

The Asian carp are poised to invade the Great Lakes via U.S. waterways and efforts are underway in the U.S. to stop them. However, the Great Lakes are international waters, and the Asian carp are an international threat. If this fish invades the Great Lakes via U.S. waterways, they will have gained access to Canadian waters of the Great Lakes as well direct access to Canadian tributaries and  inland rivers.While Ontario and the federal government have provided some logistical assistance to control efforts in the Chicago Area Waterway System, Canadian citizens need to demand that the provincial and federal governments do more than take a wait and see approach.

In early 2012, Great Lakes United, in collaboration with Ecojustice and Sierra Club-Ontario, will be delivering our coalition resolution and a petition signed by concerned Canadian citizens to the federal Ministers of Natural Resources, Environment and Fisheries and Oceans, the Ontario Ministers of Natural Resources and the Environment, and appropriate Ministers of Parliament. The petition asks for public hearings to ensure that Canadian concerns and input regarding effective ways to address the threat of an Asian carp invasion are heard, and that input be recorded and transmitted to U.S. agencies working on Asian carp prevention.

Canadian citizens please go to to sign the petition online by January 30, 2012.  Please distribute!





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