EVENT: Can Michigan/Huron/Georgian Bay water levels be restored? What is happening to water levels in the Great Lakes and their most productive wetlands?

Dr. Pat Chow-Fraser, Director of Life Sciences at McMaster University, and her graduate students will present their Sierra Club sponsored wetlands research findings on Great Lakes wetlands and Dr. Chow-Fraser will outline her critical research plans for the coming summer.

Great Lakes Section members will review the Restoration and Final Reports of the International Upper Great Lakes Study Board.

Special guest speaker will be Ralph Pentland, acting Chairman of the Canadian Water Issues Council.  Ralph is a consultant on a variety of water and environmental policy issues. From 1978 to 1991, he was Director of Water Planning and Management at Environment Canada. In that capacity, he was responsible for overseeing numerous Canada-U.S. and Federal-Provincial agreements and arrangements.  He has co-chaired five International Joint Commission Boards, and has served as an environmental consultant internationally.


Ralph will be answering the question “Can Lakes Michigan and Huron water levels be restored gradually by 25 cm. in an environmentally and economically responsible manner considering both upstream and downstream conditions?”

Sunday, March 25th,  2-5 pm

Location:  KELK’s  - 48 Lesmill Rd  North York, ON M3B 2T5


(TTC info: 122 bus east from York Mills Station , Driving info: 401east exit 353 straight through the lights onto Lesmill Road or, 401 west exit Leslie south, turn left at lights and again left at Lesmill Road;  Don Valley Pkwy exit York Mills Rd west, free parking available to the west of 48 Lesmill Road)


There will be coffee and snacks provided, so please RSVP by phone at 647-346-8744 or email ontariochapter@sierraclub.ca


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