Action Alert: Report an Oil Spill in your Community!


Landowner and Environmental Groups Launch Pipeline Spill Tipline

Edmonton – The Alberta Surface Rights Group, Greenpeace Canada, The Council of Canadians and the Sierra Club today launched a Pipeline Tipline encouraging people that see pipeline spills to phone the number and report them. The groups came together after continued in-action from the Premier in dealing with the hundreds of oil spills that hit the Province every year...

“We know that the government isn’t looking out for our safety so we are turning to people throughout the province to let the public know what’s really going on,” said Don Bester with the Alberta Surface Rights Group. “Hundreds of spills happen every year and still this government does nothing. We had three major spills last month alone. How many more have to happen before the government finally acts?”
According to the Energy Resources Conservation Board in 2010 there were over 600 spills and leaks from energy related pipelines in Alberta. Two of the last three major spills were undetected by the company but instead, were reported by third parties.
“We know the public doesn’t know how many oil spills ravage this province every year or the impact those spills have,” said Climate and Energy campaigner Mike Hudema with Greenpeace Canada. “With this spill tipline, every person can be a watchdog, help protect their communities and be a part of the solution. We hope to get enough oil spill reports that the government won't have any other choice than to launch an independent review of pipeline safety in the province.”
The spill tipline ads will run on the websites of different papers across the province, including Fort McMurray Today, Peace River Record Gazette, St. Paul Journal and The Leduc Rep, starting Wednesday.
Calls to the line are 100% anonymous. The pipeline spill tipline number is 1-855-23-SPILL or 1-855-237-7455. People can also submit reports online at


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