McGuinty Government Nuclear Program Must Be Stopped

Sierra Club of Canada

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(Ottawa) Sierra Club of Canada condemned today’s announcement that McGuinty’s government will seek to build new nuclear power plants. It is an unnecessary environmental and economic risk according to the environmental organization.   

“We have no right to place this burden on our children,” said John Bennett, Senior Policy Advisor – Energy. “Efficiency, conservation and renewable electricity are the safer more economic options.”  

The Ontario government has ignored the success of other jurisdictions and numerous reports and studies produced by the Sierra Club of Canada and many other organizations that concluded phasing out nuclear and coal plants is possible, and could even provide significant benefits to Ontario’s economy.  Sierra Club of Canada also brought California experts on conservation and energy efficiency to meet with government officials.  

“Unfortunately this government has ignored the massive energy gains that conservation and energy efficiency have to offer and instead is embarking on an irresponsible path towards dangerous, expensive and unreliable nuclear power,” said Ontario Chapter Director Dan McDermott.  “We can go clean and green or we can go nuclear, there isn’t enough money to do both.”

The decision is all the more reckless given the emergence of an alleged terror cell not far from the Pickering power plant.   Officials say that security has been increased at Ontario’s nuclear sites but could a few more armed guards be able to thwart a sudden arrival of a truck loaded with explosives and determined suicide bombers?  

“Is there any security system that can never be defeated?” asks Bennett, who led a team of three environmentalists into the Bruce Nuclear facility in the 1970s to demonstrate just how vulnerable Ontario’s nuclear plants are to terrorist attack.  “If I can do it, anyone can,” he said.

Sierra Club of Canada will oppose the expansion of nuclear power in Ontario through every legal means possible. “We already owe $20 billion and have to deal with one million spent fuel bundles in Ontario. Our children deserve better from us,” said Emilie Moorhouse, Atmosphere and Energy Campaigner.  


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John Bennett: (613) 291-6888
Dan McDermott: (613) 960-9606
Emilie Moorhouse (French): (613) 241-4611


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