Tell the Minister of the Environment that the spotted owl does faces threats to its survival


Two years after Sierra Club of Canada and several other environmental organizations submitted a petition to the federal government to use the Species At Risk Act to intervene to protect habitat for the Spotted Owl, a response finally arrived in August 2006. Read the response here. This blatant disregard for science reflects the lack of political will for the federal government to intervene in provincial jurisdiction. The Minsiter's decision and the province's lack of effective habitat protection likely doom the spotted owl to extinction in Canada.

spotted_owl_mournersSierra Club of Canada staff and volunteers held a brief public ceremony on Parliament Hill to mourn the impending loss of the Spotted Owl from Canada. Minister Baird needs to hear that you are in mourning as well. Send him an email or write to him (postage free to House of Commons, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6) today urging her to reconsider her statement.

Learn more about the Spotted Owl and the threats to its survival.


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