Asbestos Action Alert

Dear Friend,

We are asking you to show solidarity with asbestos victims in the Third World and support the campaign to demand the Canadian government ban asbestos mining and exports. Asbestos kills over 100,000 people every year, and Canada is a major player in the death-dealing industry. There are a variety of products that carry asbestos fibers and if you are interested in more information then is a good source.

In a change of tactics, we’re not targeting all Conservative Members of Parliament (MPs) - but just one. A number of other like-minded organizations are also ‘adopting’ a MP and focusing their efforts on convincing him/her what their party is doing is wrong, unethical and immoral.

LATEST DAY OF FRACTION - Sept 17th, 2013

Don’t Frack PEI is holding a Public Meeting on Tuesday September 17th from 7pm to 9pm at Murphy’s Community Centre, Richmond Street, Charlottetown. Featuring Prof. Peter Clancy and Eliza Knockwood, and a song by Teresa Doyle.

Come and hear about the growing opposition to fracking across the Maritimes, and how fracking has no ‘social license’. We need your input as we discuss what we should do next to stop fracking from coming to PEI.

Healthy Beauty for Life


How many cosmetics and personal care products do you and your teenagers use on a daily basis? Chances are, your whole family is slathering hundreds of different chemicals onto your skin, lips, hair and nails every day. These products are also making their way into our environment when they are washed away during showers and hand washing.