Think Globally, Act Locally.

Volunteers and volunteer leaders are the heart of the Ontario Chapter at Sierra Club of Canada Foundation.

As a grassroots organization, we have limited full-time staff and are unable to cover all of the important issues facing Ontarians. It is our volunteers who primarily initiate and lead new campaigns, and keep the Chapter staff up-to-date on what is happening.

We are looking for volunteers with experience or expertise in our active campaigns:

  1. Greenbelt
  2. Great Lakes
  3. Green Energy and Nuclear issues

Volunteer positions available:

  • Research on campaign issues
  • Membership outreach (e.g. membership growth plan, contacting existing members to renew their membership)
  • Social Media and writing 
  • Graphic design and multimedia
  • Advocacy (e.g. writing letters to/calling/ meeting with politicians)                 
  • Public speaking (preparing and giving presentations)
  • Fundraising (e.g. writing grant proposals, donor acquisition and engagement)
  • Community event planning
  • Governance (e.g. sitting on planning committees)                                                     

If interested in one or more of the above volunteer opportunities, please send us an email with the title "Sierra Club Ontario - Campaign Volunteer", along with a copy of your CV, to ontariochapter [at] sierraclub.ca. Please outline your:

  • Campaign of interest
  • Relevant experiences 
  • Relevant skills and areas of expertise