Sustainable Masterplan

Publication Date: 
March 10, 2010
View Eco Echo's sustainable masterplan with its extensive open space and educational and performance facilities in the planning stages. Read examples of other sustainable facilities that illustrate the potential for a fully operational Environmental Learning Center and Quarry Amphitheatre.

MEDIA BACKGROUNDER: Sierra Club Canada submits to National Energy Board its official response to the Joint Review Panel report on the Mackenzie Gas Project

WHAT: February 11th marks the deadline for interveners in the Mackenzie Gas Project National Energy Board hearings to respond to the recommendations made by the Joint Review Panel report released December 30th, 2009.

Climate Change Science Since 2007

Publication Date: 
December 7, 2009

This report examines the effects of climate change in the areas of Arctic sea ice coverage, Greenland and Antarctic ice melt, sea level rise and ocean acidification, global average atmospheric temperature and ocean temperature, solar activity, and climate change impacts. Climate change has clearly been accelerating quickly since the IPCC publication of 2007.

Below you will find a video, a link to Paul's webinar (19 Mar. 2010), a powerpoint presentation, and a link to the detailed report in PDF format.

Tritium On Tap

Canada’s nuclear industry releases massive quantities of radioactive pollution on a routine basis. In 2008, Canada's nuclear reactors released 6.6 quadrillion becquerels of tritium. Radioactive tritium gets into our food and drinking water, exposing millions of people to a known carcinogen.