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  1. Sierra activist nearly expelled from Land Use Planning meeting for planned development project in Niagara

    "Environmentalists believe the overall development could destroy a rich ecosystem, while others believe the project ... He then agreed and I was told that I could remain. As a result from a concerned member of the public I was able to learn new information how salt from ice could negatively kill wildlife such as frogs and ...

    2017-11-29 17:15

  2. Say NO to radioactive nuclear waste trafficking in Canada and U.S.

    Yvonne Ho's blog "Transporting an unlimited amount of nuclear substances from OPG's facilities will place countless Ontarians at risk.  A small accident involving radioactive material  could ... radioactive material could have catastrophic consequences. “We will continue to work together with the  ...

    2017-08-31 15:23

  3. Win a Sierra Club Canada T-Shirt

    You could win an awesome Sierra Club Canada T-shirt! How? All you need to do is follow us on Twitter or “Like” our Facebook page, and you’ll be automatically entered into the monthly draw. We’ll post the winner’s names below and on Twitter and our Facebook pages.     Congratulations to our most recent ...

    2012-02-06 18:25

  4. Nuclear Power: Not Safe, Not Clean, Not Economical, Not for Ontario

    Fri, 07/07/2006 The McGuinty government in Ontario has announced that it plans to pour an additional $45 billion into nuclear power. It’s a technology that has a proven track record of being unsafe, unsustainable and uneconomical. Many people in Ontario believe that $45 billion in public expenditures could be ...

    2010-01-10 19:24

  5. Holding Steady for Justice for the Gulf

    a long couple days and every word spoken could have significance, so it’s hard to pick highlights. The ... the Gulf. Oil spilled at Old Harry - which is 7 times smaller than the Gulf of Mexico- could mar the coastlines of five provinces. And the decision to extend licences beyond their intended term could affect ...

    2017-12-15 15:49

  6. #ReplaceNAFTA

    producing region. The proportionality clause written into NAFTA means that the US could require us to send ... labour side agreements facilitated a race to the bottom in which corporations could offshore jobs to ... this rule, efforts to curtail fossil fuel production could result in insufficient domestic supplies. ...

    2017-10-10 19:10

  7. Campaign Update + A Big Blue Whale Thank You

    could have led to fracking from land to under the ocean- another serious threat to the Gulf. Could it be ...

    2017-03-23 20:22

  8. Positive Caledon Review Follow-up

    establishing buffer zones around farms near development areas.  Farmers also said that farms could not be ...

    2016-04-21 10:17

  9. Let’s Keep the Heat on 24 Sussex Renovation…Because It’s 2016

    The idea caught fire, far faster than we could have imagined. A single blog post generated dozens of ... because the future demands it. The Green Building This Building Could Be The easiest way to describe ... be put under a microscope. But last fall, SCCF learned that a net zero design could actually save the ...

    2016-01-13 17:20

  10. Beyond Boom and Bust: Listening to the Atlantic on World Oceans Day

    and the sustainable industries of tourism and fishing that still thrive there. I wish I could say on Oceans Day that healthy oceans could provide for those moving away from the oil fields, not to mention ... not the case. But it could be with smart planning and innovation in how we fish and steward our oceans ...

    2016-06-08 16:37