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  1. Sierra activist nearly expelled from Land Use Planning meeting for planned development project in Niagara

    "Environmentalists believe the overall development could destroy a rich ecosystem, while others believe the project ... He then agreed and I was told that I could remain. As a result from a concerned member of the public I was able to learn new information how salt from ice could negatively kill wildlife such as frogs and ...

    2017-11-29 17:15

  2. Say NO to radioactive nuclear waste trafficking in Canada and U.S.

    A small accident involving radioactive material  could have catastrophic consequences." Ontario Power ... facilities. A small accident involving radioactive material could have catastrophic consequences. “We will ...

    2018-03-27 13:02

  3. Positive Caledon Review Follow-up

    establishing buffer zones around farms near development areas.  Farmers also said that farms could not be ...

    2016-04-21 10:17

  4. Middle Great Lakes losing 200 tons of water per second

    effects could be entirely manageable and would not be unduly harmful to residents upstream or downstream. ...

    2011-07-28 09:54

  5. Niagara's Escarpment-Decew Falls Forest, Largest Remaining Woodland in St. Catharines, at Risk of Losing "Natural Area" Designation and Protection

    Catharines, the Planning Director of  St. Catharines could have been better informed had he been a reader of ...

    2017-05-25 22:28

  6. Claremont residents on two sides of possible development

    into the Greenbelt or the Oak Ridges Moraine. They believe this change could pave the way for ...

    2016-04-21 09:54

  7. Guest Post: Radioactive Waste... Rolling Through Your Town?

    the United States radioactive materials that could be used for weapons. The suit argues that wastes ... along the route in two countries.” Critics argue that the wastes could be “downblended” at Chalk River ... the Atlantic (New York State) chapter of the Sierra Club are named as individuals who could be harmed ...

    2017-03-07 11:05

  8. A Day on Ward's Island with Dan McDermott and Friends

    Another said, "Dan made us better than we thought we could be." Although cynical, even ... is at heart an optimist:- otherwise how could he have fought so hard for so long, and inspired others ... the shoulders, looked him in the eyes and said " Yes, Dan, you could have done that. But then you ...

    2016-10-05 17:45

  9. We must close the Chicago waterways connections to keep Asian carp from taking over our Great Lakes and beyond before it is too late!

    carp could invade all of the rivers and lakes up to James Bay and west to Alberta. Silver carp are so ... meeting are even close to locations Canadians could attend. But these are shared waters and we Canadians ...

    2014-01-17 15:04

  10. Toledo's toxic faucets

    anywhere else they could get their hands on that liquid gold…including neighbouring states! Why not just ...

    2014-08-22 11:21