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  1. BP drill projects now approved with no way to manage a disaster at sea!

    Environmental Assessment Report indicates in case of a spill, oil could reach fishing grounds on Emerald Bank in ...

    2018-02-06 14:18

  2. BP Offshore Drill Project Approval Points to Need for Reform, According to Sierra Club Canada Foundation

    Northern bottlenose whale and deep-sea corals.  "I wish I could say I was shocked, but sadly I'm ... project could result in a massive blow out on the East coast, one that we are not prepared nor equipped to ... Assessment Report for the project indicates that in case of a spill, oil could reach fishing grounds on ...

    2018-02-03 11:42

  3. Will this be OUR call?

    the country, could create a regulatory chill that will threaten everything Canada holds dear. Madam ...

    2018-01-31 16:06

  4. DELETE Stop the Big Heist- Ottawa Hands Offshore Regulation to Oil Industry

    currents in the Gulf could carry oil spilled there to the coasts of five of Canada's ten provinces. ...

    2018-01-26 15:25

  5. Executive Committee

    so that she could better understand the political and economic challenges of environmental issues. ...

    2018-01-31 00:09

  6. Share your Shares and Protect the Planet

    meaningful, but I knew my gift at this level could make a real impact. In 2018, Sierra will be tackling some ...

    2017-12-27 15:02

  7. Holding Steady for Justice for the Gulf

    a long couple days and every word spoken could have significance, so it’s hard to pick highlights. The ... the Gulf. Oil spilled at Old Harry - which is 7 times smaller than the Gulf of Mexico- could mar the coastlines of five provinces. And the decision to extend licences beyond their intended term could affect ...

    2017-12-15 15:49

  8. Sierra Club's Urban River Valley and Greenbelt Celebration Goes On at Mississauga's Environmental Appreciation Evening

    draw.  Clearly, most of us could become much more familiar with and appreciative of the natural heritage ...

    2017-12-18 15:13

  9. Enviro groups, Indigenous alliance seek right to challenge oil exploration in Gulf of St. Lawrence

    simply could not do this work- protecting endangered species and their habitat- without your support. Our ...

    2017-12-19 12:52

  10. BREAKING NEWS: Government of Ontario looking to expand Greenbelt by one third to protect water resources

    could be much improved.   And by redirecting urban growth to the hub areas that have been set aside for ...

    2017-12-14 15:03