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  1. About the Québec Chapter

    Français The Québec Chapter of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation is committed to the protection and restoration of the natural environment of Québec. We have active groups in the Montreal region and elsewhere. The Sierra Club Canada Foundation has been in ...

    2016-06-24 15:36

  2. Sierra Club Quebec presents results of Energy East bioblitzes to Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal

    Throughout the month of August 2015, Sierra Club Quebec organized several bioblitzes along the projected trajectory of the Energy East pipeline. A bioblitz is an inventory of biodiversity, carried out by volunteers in a limited amount of time. A team of 2 ...

    2016-02-12 11:53

  3. Policy Brief: Energy East / Document de politique générale: Énergie Est

    l'anglais suit Tout au long du mois d'Août 2015, le Sierra Club Québec a organisé plusieurs bioblitzs le long de la trajectoire prévue du pipeline (oléoduc) Énergie Est. Un bioblitz est un inventaire de la biodiversité, réalisé par des bénévoles ...

    2016-02-12 11:53