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  1. Sanctuary- Summer 2010

    September 28, 2010 The summer wrap-up edition of Sanctuary leads off with a piece by Sierra Club Ontario’s new Chapter Coordinator Kristina Jackson on the timely subject of clean energy. Other pressing topics featured include commentary on the 2010 G-20 T ...

    2010-09-28 17:18

  2. Forests and Wildlife [Archived]

    Canada's most important natural resource is its forests which provide timber, pulpwood, wildlife habitat and a wealth of recreational opportunities. But the forests are not limitless and all Canadians must share a renewed commitment to their wise use ...

    2017-11-23 12:59

  3. Environment and Diversity Program [Archived]

    Sierra Club Ontario (SCO) is a collaborative partner in the Environment and Diversity Project. The SCO is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion within the organization and in our outreach. The E&D Project is an exciting four-year collaborativ ...

    2017-11-23 13:00

  4. Opposing the Detroit River International Crossing [Archived]

    The governments of Canada, the United States, Ontario and Michigan have come to the illogical conclusion that declining cross-border traffic requires a $5billion expenditure of public funds that will have a devastating impact upon Ontario's sensitive ...

    2017-11-23 13:01

  5. About The Ontario Chapter

    Français At Sierra Club Ontario, our work mainly focuses on protecting the Great Lakes ecosystem, growing and protecting the Greenbelt, and promoting Green Energy adoption in Ontario. Sierra Club Ontario also works on very local issues, in coordination wi ...

    2017-02-10 19:28