Protect Woodland Caribou with Science, says Sierra Club Canada

Media Release (February 22, 2012)

Club collects 3000 signatures in 4 days opposing the wolf slaughter advocated in federal government caribou ‘recovery’ plan

OTTAWA – Today Sierra Club Canada formally submitted a response to the federal government’s proposed "Woodland Caribou Recovery Plan" on behalf of almost 2700 Canadian "radicals" and 300 "foreigners".

"Woodland Caribou are declining as a result of habitat loss and disruption. Period. Killing wolves is not the solution to their recovery," said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada. “There is no scientific evidence that slaughtering wolves will help the caribou population recover. The federal plan must be withdrawn and rewritten based on science.”

Many Canadians agree with the criticism. Sierra Club Canada posted their formal response to the federal plan on their website and in just 4 days collected almost 3000 signatures in support!

The proposed recovery plan fails to comply on several instances with the Species at Risk Act. Under the SARA, a recovery plan must provide examples of activities that are likely to result in destruction of species habitat, but surprisingly the federal recovery plan fails to provide any examples such as logging, road construction and Tar Sands expansion. Nor does the proposed recovery plan focus on protecting or improving habitat. Instead it wrongly suggests habitat destruction can continue as long as a plan exists to cull wolves.


In order to survive woodland caribou need large areas of undisturbed, old growth woodland habitat for food, shelter and protection. Today in Alberta, the reality is woodland caribou habitat is rapidly being destroyed by unprecedented expansion of the Tar Sands.

“Unmitigated, unchecked and unsustainable growth of the Tar Sands is what’s killing off the caribou,” says Mr. Bennett. “Scapegoating wolves might distract attention from that uncomfortable truth for a while, but it won’t change the fact.”

Sierra Club Canada’s work includes advocating for recovery of the Woodland Caribou. For more info visit here.


John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada

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