Like Yogurt, but Not as Tasty

The New York Times (online)
Date published: 
Tue, 2010-11-30

OTTAWA — Yogurt and toxic waste from Canada’s oil sands are pretty much alike in some respects, at least in the view of a Canadian advertising standards organization.

Advertising Standards Canada, an industry group, turned down a complaint this week from the Sierra Club of Canada about a television advertisement broadcast this fall by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. It’s one of a series of ads addressing widespread negative publicity about the environmental impact of Canada’s oil sands projects.


John Bennett, the executive director of the Sierra Club in Canada, said he was disappointed by the finding of the ad industry group.

“They went with the most literal interpretation,” Mr. Bennett said. “I don’t think there was a word in that 30-second commercial that wasn’t carefully premeditated.”

While the Sierra Club is still waiting for the results of a review by the government-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which also ran the commercial, Mr. Bennett said that the decision by the ad industry group underscored the need for a fully independent body to review advertising complaints.



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