What about the trailers? And why is Ontario footing the climate change bill?

Media Release (April 13, 2012)

Sierra Club Canada welcomes long-overdue regulation of heavy trucks but another piecemeal move does not make up for the lack of a national climate plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To address the climate crisis the federal government must cap all industrial emissions and put policies and programs in place to help Canadian families and businesses reduce emissions.

“Emissions will continue to rise until Canada has a national plan. In the meantime piecemeal measures like the truck regulations will be rendered meaningless in the fight against climate change,” said John Bennett, Executive Director.

“The growing emissions from the unregulated western oil and gas industry have already undermined the closing of the coal fired power plants in Ontario. By the time the reductions from the truck fleet regulation begin to take effect, the oil and gas emissions will have wiped out those savings too.”

The heavy truck regulation will impact emissions from the trucking industry, but it ignores potential savings from regulating the trailers. There are two parts to a heavy truck: a tractor and trailer(s). The regulations apply only the tractor.

A US National Academy of Science report suggests an additional reduction of up to 30% could be achieved by requiring changes to the design of the trailers, including improved aerodynamics, weight reductions and rolling resistance. The federal government has closed its eyes to this opportunity.

“It is unfair to ask Ontario rate payers and consumers to pick-up the climate change bill while the oil and gas industry is let off scot free,” said Mr. Bennett.

For More Information Contact:
John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada
613-241-4411 x222
Twitter: @JohnBennett


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