Wrapping up week one

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind, really. Between analyzing and responding to the Speech from the Throne and the 2010 Federal Budget, and personal activities in the evening (like open mics and dance lessons), I haven't found the time to keep up on my blogging! Sincere apologies. (But you didn't miss anything too exciting, I promise.)

My water use for the past few days has been surprisingly little, so much so that I'm wondering whether I'm writing everything down properly, and whether I'm drinking enough water! --Thing is, I've finally gotten used to the habits I've developed: filling my mason jars and rinsing into a bowl, washing my hair with a bowl and a mason jar, pouring the sudsy greywater from dishes and hair/body washing into my toilet tank, etc. Being organized enough to write it down all in one spot, however, has been a challenge. (I'm now writing it down in a little booklet I'm carrying everywhere!)

Here's what I've got for the past few days so far. I'm WAY under my water budget of 25 L/day. I know my pal Alina at Saskatchewan Environmental Society is banking her unused Litres to use for other more water-intense things like laundry and hair washing. That's not such a bad idea, really.

Anyway, I have a whole lot more to talk about later. In the mean time, check out what my fellow 25 L Challenge pals are up to here. :)

March 3
1.611 to wash hair
6 L - 473 mL bottle = 5.527 L flush --minus 1.89 L from greywater re-use= 3.637 L
1.25 L drank
3 oz wash hands = 0.089 L
1 oz brush teeth
2 oz wash face (3 oz = 0.089 L)
= total of 6.676 L

March 4
1 cup morning = 0.25 L
3 oz wash face & brush teeth = 0.089 L
5.527 L flush --offset 1.89 L = 3.637 L
1 cup at Dave's
1 cup at Railway room
2 cups @ Taj Mahal Restaurant = 1 L
1 oz brush teeth = 0.03 L
= 5.006 L


March 5
40 oz wash hair & body (used suds from washing hair to wash the rest, then dried off)
drank 1 cup at home, 1/2 cup at Dave's
6 oz wash hands
- bought lemonade and sandwich for lunch (too busy! haven't been cooking at home much!)
5.527 L flush --minus 1.89 L from greywater re-use= 3.637 L
5.527 L flush
+ 4 cups (@ 250mL = 1 L), 3 @ Phil's. 1@Dave's.
= 11.878 L





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