Pesticide a Lake for Earth Day

OTTAWA--At an annual general meeting held 20 kilometers south of Parliament Hill, members of the community of Lakeland Estates in Greely, Ontario, took a pesticide oath and voted in favour of a pesticides program being immediately implemented. Tragically, the decision to apply the pesticides occurred on the eve of Earth Day. 

New board members of Lakeland Estates were sworn to take an oath that they would support the use of pesticides on their surrounding quarry lakes.  The decision was approved by a majority show of hands. Tomorrow is D-day for the first pesticides treatment of Copper Sulphate, used to combat algal blooms. The next treatments of Diquat and Copper Sulphate appear ready for June.
“This is a crime. You can’t spray your lawn, but you can poison a lake,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.  “Ontario recently approved a ban on the cosmetic use pesticide across the province, this should certainly apply to our community and private lakes as well.”

Chemicals were applied to the community's lakes in 2008 and biologists concur that this was the most likely cause of the algal blooms.   There also appears to have been damage to the ecosystem as there have been a number of successive fish kills, witnessed by biologists, primarily in the spring of 2009, as well, there has also been a recorded reduction of frogs in the area, including leopard frogs, which are a harbinger of a healthy environment.

Community members opposed to the use of pesticides are asking for a court injunction and are speaking with the Ontario Ministry of Environment to prevent their lakes from being chemically treated in the days to come.


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