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ActionH2O seeks to harness a grassroots collective effort to develop new conservation and efficiency-based approaches to water management that are adopted by local governments. This bottom-up effort has HUGE potential to change how water is managed across the whole country! The goal of ActionH2O is to work with 20 cities and towns across Canada over the next 1½ years to identify locally relevant solutions and opportunities for action on water conservation. Using “How To” handbooks and primers, cutting-edge research, a Water Sustainability Charter Toolkit, and a unique visual-based resource that outlines the full application of best water practices called "Canada’s Bluest City", and the ingenuity of grassroots groups across the country, ActionH2O will bring a comprehensive suite of water conservation planning and action resources to the doors of Canadian communities.

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Appoint a commissioner to lead unconventional oil review

OTTAWA - Sierra Club Canada congratulates Members of Parliament on voting for a review of unconventional oil production and looks forward to participating in it. In the meantime there should be a formal moratorium on new drilling and construction until a commissioner can be appointed to conduct a full and open public inquiry.

“It’s certainly about time we looked at the practices in offshore drilling and the tar sands,” said Sierra Club Canada Executive Director John Bennett. “There is an environmental disaster just waiting to happen in Canada.”

The review should be led by an independent commissioner appointed by Parliament to investigate the rules, regulations and practices of unconventional oil production in Canada. The independent commissioner should also examine the viability of available alternatives.
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Lawsuit seeks to end dumping of toxins

OTTAWA — A coalition of environmental groups has taken the Harper government to court over what they allege is a loophole in federal law that is opening the door for mining companies to dump toxic waste into lakes.

Some metal mining companies are already seeking permission to dump toxins into waters over a federal regulation that can reclassify a lake and exempt it from the federal Fisheries Act which restricts the dumping of harmful materials into water inhabited by fish, say the groups.

Additional excerpt:
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Three levels of treatment for wastewater

Wastewater at Epcor's Gold Bar plant in east Edmonton undergoes three levels of treatment, compared to some cities that have primary, secondary or no treatment.

"There's no excuse for dumping raw sewage into the environment," Celeste Cote, of the Sierra Club, said in late March, after Environment Minister Jim Prentice announced new regulations forcing 949 of Canada's 3,700 plants to upgrade over 30 years.

Pesticide a Lake for Earth Day

OTTAWA--At an annual general meeting held 20 kilometers south of Parliament Hill, members of the community of Lakeland Estates in Greely, Ontario, took a pesticide oath and voted in favour of a pesticides program being immediately implemented. Tragically, the decision to apply the pesticides occurred on the eve of Earth Day. 

New board members of Lakeland Estates were sworn to take an oath that they would support the use of pesticides on their surrounding quarry lakes.  The decision was approved by a majority show of hands. Tomorrow is D-day for the first pesticides treatment of Copper Sulphate, used to combat algal blooms. The next treatments of Diquat and Copper Sulphate appear ready for June.
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Support Grassy Narrows on April 6 & 7 in Toronto

Please join Grassy Narrows First Nation community members in Toronto to demand justice for their people and protection for the water, air, and forests that give life to us all. Forty years ago, Grassy's people were poisoned by mercury from a paper mill that contaminated their river upstream. Grassy is still dealing with the ongoing health impacts of this avoidable disaster and needs you to stand together with them to demand justice.

WHAT: Public talk, March and Rally

WHERE: Public talk at Steel Workers Hall, 25 Cecil St. (South of College, East of Spadina); March and Rally at Grange Park (Beverly St. South of Dundas, behind the AGO)

WHEN: Public talk on Tues. April 6 at 6:30 p.m.; March and Rally on Wed. April 7th at noon


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